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Criminal Record Certificates during the epidemic period

We provide fast, safe, cheap services of making Criminal Record Certificates No. 2, No. 1 (Vietnam police check).  We would like to notify individuals who are foreigners (who have been residing in Vietnam), Vietnamese citizens (in Vietnam and abroad) about the time and cost of making two types of criminal record certificates as follows:

Services of making Criminal Record Certificate at your home during the epidemic period

You are advised that during the period of prevention and control of the Covid19 epidemic by the authorities, you must comply with infection prevention measures. To make a criminal record certificate at your home, you can contact us at: 0934 151 6260904 895 228, we shall support you direct application submission with Police check service fastly.

The applicant for Criminal Record Certificate should make up your mind to go for making Criminal Record Certificate due to the risks of Covid infection.

Please pay attention to the time of making Criminal Records No. 1 and No. 2

Criminal Record for the Foreigner who is living in Vietnam or have been lived in Vietnam.

  • We provide quickly service: 24h, From 1 to 7 working days for urgent needs, and you to get it within 10 days.
  • Very convenience for the clients, no need to go to our office directly, as we do online support.
  • Lower fee.
  • Punctually.
  • Door to door delivery.

The cost of making criminal records No. 1, No. 2 shall be discounted for groups of more than 02 people.

 Other services:

  • Cost of translation and notarization of Criminal Record into English: VND 100,000/copy within 01 working day. For other foreign languages, please contact (Tel/Zalo/Whatsapp): 0982 528 589.

Legalization of criminal records shall vary, depending on each Consulate Agency. Completion time: 01 working day

Translation and notarization Criminal Record

Required documents for making criminal records

  1. Photo of main page of Passport
  2. Photo of Vietnam Visa or Photo of Temporary residence card
  3. Parent’s full name, full name of spouse if married
  4. Permanent address in your country

Please contact for instructions on procedures, documents for preparation at the following contact number (Tel/Zalo/Whatsapp):

Fast Criminal Record Certificate Service

Place of issuing Criminal Record Certificates No.2, No.1

Form of Criminal Record Certificate No.2 includes the following contents:

  • Information on the person issued with a Criminal Record: Full name, date of birth, nationality, identity card number or passport number, full name of father, mother, spouse, etc.
  • The criminal status for the person without a criminal record will be recorded as “No criminal record”.
  • For convicted, expunged and unresolved persons: sentencing date listed in chronological order, conviction number, applicable provisions of law, major penalties, additional penalties, judgement execution status, etc.
  • For persons banned from holding certain positions, establishing or managing enterprises or cooperatives under the bankruptcy declaration decision, the information about this prohibition shall be recorded.
Form of Criminal Record Certificate No.1, No.2. (Vietnam Police Check)

Service of making Criminal Record Certificate in the fastest time with the cheapest price

Procedures for fast criminal record service are as follows:

  • Receive customer’s records directly at the company’s office or online.
  • Make consular legalization after getting the criminal record. Fees are determined by the Embassy.
  • Notarized translation of Criminal record: after having a criminal record, we will translate and notarize it in 1-2 days, the notarized translation fee into English is VND 100,000/copy;  for other languages, please contact 0982 528 589.
  • Return the results at the company or the desired place. We support you to send criminal record abroad.

Notes when receiving the results of criminal records No. 2, No.1

  • On the content of the Criminal Record Certificate you receive, please check all the information on this Criminal Record Certificate.
  • If there is an error in any information, please notify our staff for timely processing. Criminal Record Certificate shall be reissued after being amended and returned you immediately.
  • Please provide the correct contact information of the recipient of the Criminal Record Certificate.
  • Important Note:
  • The agency issuing the Criminal Record Certificate is responsible for withdrawing the Criminal Record Certificate which has incorrect contents.
  • When there is a problem with information, please let our staff support the issuance of new Criminal Record Certificate in the fastest time with free charge

For questions and queries

For any information, please contact to receive a quick reply from the Criminal Record No. 1, No. 2 Support Call Center via phone (tel/zalo/whatsapp) or email or text message.


How to get a police check in vietnam?

You could get Vietnam police check at National Center for Criminal Record, address: 9 Tran Vy, Mai Dich, Hanoi or Department of Justice where you stay. If you want to get it fastly for a little fee. For service, contact us at 84 982528589 (Zalo, Viber, WhatsApp free chat) Email: lylichtuphap@greencanal.com

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